Finding Balance-Corporate Keynote Speaking

Finding Balance-Corporate Keynote Speaking

Finding Balance-Corporate Keynote Speaking

The Amazing Arthur Fratelli is an accomplished entertainer and keynote speaker who has been in the industry for over 25 years. He is highly skilled in comedy hypnosis, mentalism, and motivational speaking, and possesses a wealth of knowledge in fields such as eastern and western philosophy, stoicism, psychology, sports psychology, magic, and mentalism.

Arthur's extensive background as a former teacher, hypnotherapist, and martial artist has allowed him to hone his craft and bring a unique perspective to every audience he serves. He has also studied improvisational, comedy writing, and theory at Second City Chicago.

Arthur utilizes his skills in mentalism, magic, and juggling to demonstrate how to keep one's inner critic quiet by practicing skills and focusing on the present moment. 

"Attention Craves Novelty."

Wielding a deck of cards, a spoon and a jug of lollipops, Arthur keeps the audience mesmerized because he understands that attention craves novelty! In an unforgettable manner, Arthur illustrates how the inner critic can lead to anxiety and depression and how to put it to work for you!

Arthur has presented to top-tier companies, including Pepsi, Chevrolet, Verizon, LinkedIn, and Paypal, as well as educational organizations. His shows are both entertaining and educational, leaving a lasting impact on his audience. He takes charge of the stage, breaking the third wall and engaging the audience up close. 

Arthur has a conversational style allowing the audience to relax, have a good time, and learn something new about the power of their imagination and how to Find Balance.

Arthur is also active on social media, sharing his thoughts, insights, and tips about his field of expertise every "Taco Tuesday" on his YouTube channel. He enjoys staying connected with his followers and fans and offering them valuable information and inspiration in a fun and relatable way.

With his vast experience and unique approach, Arthur provides an immersive and unforgettable experience for his audiences. He takes them on a journey that is epic and mysterious, with a touch of humor, making it appropriate and classy for corporate events, educational conferences, or private parties.

For those seeking an inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker, The Amazing Arthur Fratelli is the perfect choice. His show is sure to be a hit at any event.

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