School and Educational Programs

School and Educational Programs

School and Educational Programs

Because we all listen best while watching!

The ability to focus is the basis of learning. A former public school teacher in Omaha, Nebraska, Arthur is a full-time professional speaker and entertainer specializing in bringing an inspirational, magical experience designed to get students (and staff) to put down their phones and focus on the momentum of now!

Arthur demonstrates in real time how to practice the art of FOCUS! With a fun, energetic attitude Arthur keeps the attention of the students by incorporating jump-rope, martial arts, magic, juggling, yoyo tricks and a lot of audience participation!

This presentation is all ages appropriate-whether you are in need of a school assembly for a grade school, a middle schools, a high school or a college.

With 22 years of stage speaking experience, Arthur knows how to make YOUR school assembly amazing!

Bringing Inspirational, Magical Experiences to Students and Staff!

Arthur’s inspirational magic show is always age appropriate-funny stuff for the little kids, engaging plot lines and scenarios for the older students and a lot of magical moments reinforcing the concept of self-learning.

Pre-K thru 6th grade will find Arthur’s magic show a mind blowing presentation that will leave them excited and enthusiastic about learning!

Middle School and High School Assembly Program

The power of the mind-that’s what Arthur’s Middle and High School Assembly is all about.

Arthur prides himself on showing, not telling. Demonstrating what we are each capable of through amazing skills, Arthur keeps the teenagers engaged and interested.

This is a fun, engaging, and of course AMAZING program that your students and staff will be talking about for years.

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