An amazing presentation for the entire school
The Power of Focus!
a shared experience they won't forget!


My interactive school assembly is an entertaining science-based presentation packed with visual routines that keep the attention of the audience. It's an experience that the staff and students won't ever forget!

Shaping the future

A former teacher-I bring a  fun, conversational style presentation to schools all over the country. I leave the students  laughing and send them home with resources and tools they can put to work immediately! This is a school assembly that can only be summed up in one word-AMAZING!


People listen best while watching.

Engaging and funny.

Audience participation, stories of adversity, and lot's of laughs.

Science Based.

With works cited, I offer provide resources for everything you see on stage!

Clear Objectives for learning.

I have well defined goals for every presentation. The power of focus is what it is all about!

  • FOCUS and how to get it.
  • Deep Rest Theory
  • Physiology controls Focus!
  • Identify our inner critic.
  • Put our inner critic to work.
  • How to get in the MOMENTUM OF NOW!
  • Employ the physiological sigh.
  • How habits become character.

My school assembly presentations are fast paced-filled with pattern interrupts, spontaneous moments of surprise, and audience participation-all with the goal of keeping students’ attention and showing them how they can take their academic, athletic and personal life to the next level!

North Dakota State University Speaker

"The shortest distance between people is laughter!"-Victor Borge

The power of the Mind!

That’s what my School Assembly is all about!

I demonstrate what we are each capable of through amazing skills from the world of martial arts, magic, mentalism and juggling. All disciplines that require focus!

The hypnosis portion of the program is optional.

I have performed at countless high schools across the country.

  • Bellevue West High School
  • Omaha North High School
  • Millard West High School
  • Millard North High School
  • Elkhorn South High School
  • Plattview High School
  • Papillion-LaVista High School
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Gross High School
  • Bellevue East High School 

Get in touch with me now and let’s bring an the students and staff an amazing school assembly!

Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli

My only concern from our first email till the final students leaves is to give them an amazing experience demonstrating that each of us are amazing!

Arthur Fratelli

school assembly speaker

College students laugh during comedy hypnosis show at Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli's show.

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Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli on stage with a volunteer in Kearney Nebraska 2022
A certified hypnotherapist with a degree in education  and an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying comedy theory, writing and improvisation, Arthur has spent years researching the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, magic, juggling, parenting and stage presenting.
Arthur travels the country demonstrating how to use your brain to become the person you want to be.  

You can reach Arthur at

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