Better Habits Through Hypnosis

“you are your thoughts…”

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Relax and focus. The Brain Ninja Series of Better Habits through Hypnosis is all about telling your inner “critic” to step aside and allow YOU to take control of your life and become the person you want to be! 

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Forget the Hollywood stereotypes about what hypnosis is. Think of it as positive affirmations in a focused state while your “inner critic” is silenced.

“Hypnosis according to Science: Hypnosis is a natural yet altered state of consciousness, characterized by focused concentration and a heightened receptivity to suggestion. It is a state which leads to controlled imagination.”

Athletes, celebrities, business people, and millions of people all over the world consciously use hypnosis to keep their minds sharp and focused. Now, it’s your turn!

It is my sincere wish that you take the time to relax, concentrate and focus on becoming the person you want to be! Hypnosis will aid you in your endeavor.

Contact me if you have any questions or would like a custom hypnosis recording.

If you listen, focus and apply yourself in regards to how you spend the other 23.5 hours of your day, this 30 minute hypnosis session will supercharge your focus and you will see improvements within days.

In other words, YES, but YOU have to be serious about the dedication, time and effort!

You do it, everyday! It’s a normal part of life for every human on the planet. With guidance, you can harness the power of hypnosis to help you become the person you want to be.

Who else does this? Athletes, academics, high performers, the 1%, literally millions of people all over the world consciously use hypnosis to keep their minds sharp and focused.  

Find out what you are truly capable of through hypnosis…

Once you order you will receive a link to an mp3 file within 48 hours.

I recommend reserving 30 minutes, finding a quiet, comfortable place where you can concentrate and are safe.

After that it’s up to YOU to do the work. Hypnosis is NOT magic, it’s about empowering you to go after life!


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The Brain Ninja Series

Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli presents the Brain Ninja Hypnosis Series.
You’ve heard it before, “You are your habits!”
Exchange your bad habits for good habits with Hypnosis.
The Brain Ninja Series is all about helping people realize how amazing they can be!
-improving grades
-weight loss
-quit smoking
-sports improvement
-stop biting fingernails
-lack of direction
You get the journey you are prepared for.
Prepare for YOUR journey…
Better Grades Through Hypnosis


Brain Ninja Hypnosis Center
Athletic Edge


Brain Ninja Hypnosis Center
Stop Smoking


Brain Ninja Hypnosis Center

Live Performance Videos.

Here’s the most recent performances available for purchase and…

Yes! If you have been in the audience or on stage, I probably have a video of the performance.

Let me know when and where you witnessed the amazingness. I’ll check the archives…

Glenwood Iowa HS Post Prom 2021

Glenwood High School Post Prom 2021’s performance.  A lot of funny moments including the “Commenting Karens” and “Moonwalk Man.”


Boyer Valley Iowa HS Post Prom 2021

Boyer Valley High School Post Prom 2021’s performance.  Great crowd of creative students, in particular enjoyed the “Chair is too heavy” and “the sign language interpreter.”


High Plains HS Post Prom 2021

Hordville Post Prom 2021’s performance with the “Axe Body Spray” moment and the “band-aids” the 2021 show was fun for everyone!


Davies HS Post Prom 2021

Davies High School Post Prom 2021, “Getting pulled over” and “No Number 3!” this show was a blast!


Holdrege HS Post Prom 2021

The complete 2021 post prom performance from “The Claw!” to the “Speeding Ticket,” the entire  comedy hypnosis performance is here for you to enjoy!


Holdrege High School Hypnotist Arthur Fratelli 2019

Holdrege HS Post Prom 2019

The complete post prom performance from “The Claw!” to the “Speeding Ticket,” the entire hour long comedy event is here for you to enjoy!