"The art of magic extends beyond the realms of amusement and spectacle; it is a pivotal element that enhances the overall value of your event, ensuring it remains etched in the memories of those who witness it."

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AMAZING No Matter Who is In the Crowd!

"Know Your Audience!"

I've been bringing my brand of entertainment to audiences all over the country for over 25 years! I understand the speaker's adage-"Know Your Audience!"

From kids to adult performances, I know my crowd and have amazingness ready for them. You don't get to be amazing by being lazy-I have spent my life focused on what it takes to bring a professional performance to the stage.

I am ALWAYS adding new routines, materials and ideas to my performances. So whatever type of event you are having, if you need clean entertainment...


The Amazing Arthur philosophy is simple-

"Put me in front of a crowd, any crowd and I'll AMAZE them!"


Every Presentation is an Invitation to the Audience to be AMAZING!

Whatever the crowd I GAURANTEE an energetic laugh filled performance that is filled with positivity and magic that the crowd will never forget.

Whether I am hypnotizing college students to cluck like chickens or I am swinging a Yo-Yo around I love the journey one must go on to put a performance together.

I have a lot of interests.

Elementary School Assemblies


I saw one of my first magic shows as a third grader and because of bit of miscommunication between the teachers and the magician, I found myself as line leader staring at a backstage magicians' props. The very props I that had just confounded everyone of us on stage not an hour earlier. That day changed the course of my life as it was the day I learned that magic is science!

Fast forward to my first school performance in 1996!

Since then I've presented to thousands of staff and students at Elementary Schools all over the country.

Middle and High School Presentations

Any Direction is Better Than No Direction.

Whether I am presenting as a speaker or as a post prom/graduate safe entertainer I promise to bring three things to every high school performance -



A New Understanding on how to use our brain!

This is the presentation I wish I would have seen as a teenager. Learning how to control your inner critic-the reticular activator is a lesson that one can't learn to early. I love sharing this knowledge in a fun way that students and staff will always remember!

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