I despise bullying...

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Till the Wheels Fall off...

 When I present at school assemblies at schools-bullying is one of my most requested topics. I found another (there are a lot) example of someone that grew up being bullied and was able to use it towards a goal!

A friend of mine recommended The HBO documentary on the life of Tony Hawk-Till the Wheels Fall Off (currently at 96% Fresh) is a great example of not just coping with adversity, but how to thrive because of adversity!


“Tony Hawk is probably the only skateboarder 95% of the world could name…”

I am guessing that Tony Hawk is probably the only skateboarder that 95% of the world could name, but if you were lucky enough to grow up a Gen-Exer and were fairly culturally aware in the 1986-1990ish era you were at least aware of the pop culture awesomeness that was skateboarding in the 80’s.

In a word it was…RADICAL!


Tony endured daily bullying from the older skaters. They made fun of him because of his skinny frame and different style of skateboarding. He didn’t fit their definition of punk rock cool. The bullies were relentless and while Tony ignored it and put in hour after hour of practice every single day.


Energy over Time...

It was this way that Tony found the best revenge possible-by focusing on one thing-ridiculous amounts of practicing skateboarding.

Before school and after school till late at night. You know that 10,000 hour rule in regards to competence. Tony got to that number by the time he was old enough to legally to drive. 

He practiced all the time. Ignoring the other skaters as they taunted him, laughed at him, made fun of him behind his back and to his face.


Tony Hawk

your reaction is EVERYTHING!

How did Tony react? He showed up to skate. He skated HIS way, used his imagination to create new tricks, routines, and attitude about skateboarding. 

Before long went on to dominate every competition he entered-winning fans and disciples all over the world. Eventually he earned the respect and admiration of his most “difficult” contemporaries.

Tony’s story is the perfect example of how to deal with bullies.

How can you reframe your past?

History is filled with stories of people that were ridiculed, laughed at and dismissed only to go on to follow their dreams with no regrets. There are millions of others out there that are less famous that have done the same-business owners, athletes, writers, etc. Each of them unknown, but their stories are no less epic.

Would Tony Hawk have gone on to become the person he is had it not been for the adversity he faced as a kid? 

Is your past filled with challenging times like Tony? How can you use your past as fuel for your life today?

Take a moment to remember your past and then remind yourself that you can reframe it so you are not a victim, but you are resilient and strong because of what you have been through!


Use your story to be amazing because -YOU ARE AMAZING!

Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli on stage with a volunteer in Kearney Nebraska 2022
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