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Kansas City Here I come!

Speaking In Kansas City

Had a great time speaking for Tutera in the Plaza District of Kansas City. The audience was treated to an illustration of the magic of the mind! We discussed systems vs. goals, energy over time and how amazingness lies inside each of us!

It was a great, interactive crowd that was involved for over an hour. Enjoy a short clip of my interaction with Diana and the crowd!


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Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli on stage with a volunteer in Kearney Nebraska 2022
A certified hypnotherapist with a degree in education  and an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying comedy theory, writing and improvisation, Arthur has spent years immersed in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, and stage presenting.
Arthur demonstrates how to use your brain to become the person you want to be.  

You can reach Arthur at arthurfratelli@gmail.com