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How A Stormy Night in 1999 Launched My Career in Comedy Hypnosis

April 16, 20242 min read

It was a stormy night in 1999 that set the stage for a pivotal moment in my career. Hired initially to perform walk-around magic and juggling at a high school post-prom event in Omaha, Nebraska, I found myself rushing through the thunderstorm, not letting the fact I was soaking wet and it was 12:30am dampen my spirits-I was eager to bring the amazingness!

Post Prom Hypnotist crowd reaction in Iowa.

What is a Post Prom?

Post-prom events are ultra popular in the Midwest, offering a safe, fun environment for students to stay engaged with activities like inflatables, games, magicians, and hypnotists well into the early hours.

Here's how post proms work. Typically, when students are done dancing, they change into more comfortable clothes and then they do inflatables, enjoy strolling magic (my job that spring of '99), but between 1am and 3:00 a.m., the atmosphere reaches its peak as the hypnotist takes the stage and with the help of suggestible volunteers he puts on a performance that shows what the mind is capable of.

That night as I was packing up, the parents were concerned as the hypnotist was supposed to arrive 30 minutes ago and there was no sign of him, it was past showtime!

Time to Be AMAZING!

They say that you get the journey you are prepared for!

With just a few minutes alone to tap into my hypnosis training from the mid-90s, I reassured the planners, and transformed from magician to hypnotist on the spot.

This impromptu performance wasn't just about filling in; it was about rising to the occasion. Ever since, I've been "Amazing Arthur," the go-to comedy hypnotist, known for saving the day and making post-prom events memorable. This time of year, sleep is scarce, but the joy of bringing laughter and safe entertainment to students is worth every minute.

For more captivating stories and to book an unforgettable post-prom event in the Omaha area, follow my life on stage on social media.

Whether I am hypnotizing people on stage or throwing some incredible juggling tricks together I hope to see you in the audience to experience the magic of the amazingness!

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Post Prom Hypnotist crowd reaction in Iowa.

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