Meditation While Jumping Rope

Meditation While Jumping Rope

Meditation While Jumping Rope

How can jumping rope can be equated to meditation?

It's all about the power of discipline and repetition in any skill you want to acquire. As a jumping rope enthusiast, I have personally experienced this and it has been nothing short of a journey!

I remember when I first started jumping rope-OUCH! the rope kept slapping the top of my toes, even with shoes on-OUCH!

And the bottom of my feet felt like I was bouncing on hot coals and within seconds my heart was struggling to keep up with the workout demand. My lungs would give out after just 30 seconds requiring me to take a break.

In short, an adult life of not being active had manifested itself in pains, aches, and being out of shape. I was no longer doing the things I did as a young adult-biking, running, skateboarding, martial arts, etc.

The first few days were downright miserable! But I didn't give up. I kept at it, every single day, for three minutes without any excuses.

After a few weeks, my foot pain went away, my lungs had more capacity, and I felt a lot better in every measure.

Then, after a few months, I could jump rope for a whole minute without even breaking a sweat. And all of those initial pains disappeared completely

It's Not the Physical Part that is the Most Important!

But more importantly, I noticed a shift in my mind. By actively focusing on getting better at jumping rope, I found myself not just feeling better physically, but also mentally. My mind wasn't wandering as much, and I was in the now, focused on growing and learning. 

"I had, for the moment, tamed my monkey mind, as the Buddhists call it."

As George Bernard Shaw once said, "The secret of being miserable is to have the leisure to bother about whether you are happy or not." 

With repetition and discipline, you keep your inner critic busy and focus on the present moment and your growth. And soon enough, jumping rope became a form of meditation in motion.

So, what is your life's calling?

What skill do you want to acquire? Whatever it may be, practicing discipline and repetition away from screens can count as meditation in motion. It's not just limited to physical activities; practicing a musical instrument, learning a new language, or even cooking a new dish can all be forms of meditation in motion.

Let's embrace our interests combine repetition and find our own ways to practice meditation in motion. 

Go forth and be AMAZING!

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