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A Magical Web Reliability Conference

March 28, 20241 min read

Recently, at the Marriott Regency in Omaha, I had the privilege of presenting a unique session on web reliability. Utilizing juggling, magic and mentalism, I highlighted the critical nature of reliability in our digital and personal lives. A metaphor involving a watch demonstrated how the loss of trust can affect our reliability, underscoring the importance of maintaining a balance.


This session intertwined mentalism, hypnosis, and the physiological sigh, alongside Milton Erickson's insights into body language, to reveal how principles of magic reflect on reliability and trust.

After 60 plus minutes on stage the reactions as you would expect-AMAZING!

As an Omaha-based magician specializing in corporate events and conferences, my goal is to entertain, inspire and illustrate, through entertainment, how these understandings can improve our lives and work efficiency. 


My presentations offer a blend of entertainment and enlightenment, leaving attendees with memorable experiences and actionable insights."


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