Students laughing during Nebraska Hypnotist Amazing Arthur
Fair Fun.

I first began my career in the fair and festival industry back in 1998. With performances all around the country courtesy of the Dean Short Talent Service out of Omaha Nebraska. Dean, Roger and many of the other long time fair and festival personalities have long since retired.

My love of entertaining, speaking, and AMAZING crowds in the agricultural industry has never waned. I was born in Kansas, raised in Nebraska and I love spending my summers on the road, travelling our AMAZING country and brining my unique spin to the hypnosis performance!


I Show.

I pride myself on SHOWING, not TELLING. My performance is visually engaging, funny, memorable and with a wide variety of skills I’ve cultivated over the years, it’s much more than just  a hypnosis show where I make your next door neighbor quack like a duck.

My presentation shows people how AMAZING they can be! See why I’ve performed in 39 states and in every venue you can imagine.

It’s a performance you won’t soon forget.

More than Hypnosis.

Some hypnotists can’t perform without a certain number of people in the crowd.  Not a problem.

With several skill sets including mentalism, magic, and more clandestine skills, I  always have appropriate material for your crowd, whether it be a slow day at the fair or a packed grandstand. 

Whatever the situation you can count on me to bring a performance that is nothing short of AMAZING!


Easy to book.

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