Unique Presentations

Unique Presentations

Arthur is an accomplished mentalist, magician, hypnotist, and keynote speaker who specializes in delivering top-notch entertainment for high-end corporate events. What sets him apart is his ability to personalize his performances to suit the unique requirements of each audience. Arthur's performances are classy, interactive, funny, and of course amazing.

With over 25 years of full-time stage experience, he has honed his craft to perfection, showcasing a deep understanding of how the brain works.

Arthur's diverse background in martial arts, psychology, eastern and western philosophy, stoicism, and hypnotherapy give him a unique perspective on human behavior, which he leverages to captivate audiences. 

His passion for teaching and entertainment led him to study comedy theory, writing, and improvisation at Second City, rounding out his already impressive skillset. 

Reach out to Arthur now to make your event AMAZING. 

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