The Experience

I Hypnotize.

Need laughs for the night? The comedy hypnosis show is always a hit. With 22 years of stage performances, I will guide volunteers through their imagination as I unlock their comedy personas. It’s an interactive dive into the subconscious.


I Speak.

As a Keynote Speaker I present “Finding Balance.” 

Finding Balance . We hear about it from health and self-improvement gurus regularly.

 In this Keynote Presentation I SHOW, not tell  why the journey to “Find Balance” applies to your business, family, and life. The presentation is high energy engaging,  and of course amazing.

In my hour long presentation I cover the following topics-

-The subconscious handshake.

-three stages of growth during practice

-hypnosis and how it applies to you!

-and much more!

I Amaze.

If the hypnosis performance isn’t your speed, I offer an alternative mind-reading presentation. In this interactive performance you will witness the wisdom of crowds. the power of imagination, how to harness good habits, and learn how to employ the power of YOUR brain to do amazing things!

Easy to book.

Pick one...

Arthur is currently booking live and Zoom presentations. Please be sure to include the date and location of your event.