Arthur Fratelli. hypnotist extraordinaire.

I have been professionally presenting for more than 22 years to students, teachers, business leaders and people just LIKE YOU!


Hypnotist.Speaker.Mind Opener

As a professional hypnotist and keynote speaker I bring years of experience to the stage to present an unforgettable evening. 

In my high energy, interactive presentations I don’t just tell, I SHOW! 

In my keynote presentation you can expect to be edutained on the following topics that everyone in the crowd will be able to leave able to apply to their lives!

-“Solve for X” theory of development.

-Three stages of skill development applied to YOUR life.

-How to employ your subconscious mind positively!

I also discuss recent neurological research on practice, deep rest, and the power of sleep that will supercharge your life!
I believe in not just telling the story, but in showing it by incorporating stories, and demonstrating the powers of the subconscious thru hypnosis (optional).
Corporate parties, banquets, trade shows, awards ceremonies, or as an emcee, I pride myself on being able to entertain any crowd of any size in any venue!
All of my performances are clean and classy enough for your grandparents, but intelligent enough for the national MENSA meeting!


It’s a presentation that demonstrates the brain’s infinite abilities.

Years of Experience

What they are saying...

An Amazing Experience

Personal stories, challenges, and inspiration…

Three options.

Pick one...

The 2021 Tour of Amazingness consists of your choice of three separate performances. If you’re not sure what to pick, rest assured they are all amazing.

"Finding Balance" Keynote Presentation

AN INSPIRATIONAL, thought provoking, 'GET UP AND GET STARTED,' experience that CONNECTS WITH the audience and leaves them saying "I am taking control of my brain NOW!"

Hypnotist Extraordinaire

The classic comedy hypnosis show complete with the clucking chicken routine if requested...

Mentalist Extraordinaire

Witness the power of the mind in action in this high energy, interactive professional presentation. Arthur claims no supernatural skills, but after the performance you won't believe it.