I amaze People.

Hi. I’m Arthur Fratelli-professional speaker and entertainer.

My job is to bring an incredible shared experience to audiences just like yours! 

Read on to see how I can make your event AMAZING!


This is a performance intelligent enough for the National Mensa Convention, but clean enough for your grandparents.


My presentations are high energy, visually engaging, and interactive because I understand that "Attention requires Novelty!"


With over two decades of professional presenting you can relax knowing you are hiring a professional.


Drawing on “a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a long career,” I captivate the audience with engaging presentations from the disciplines of mentalism, magic, philosophy, and martial arts in an effort to show the power of disciplined practice, the capabilities of the subconscious, and the power of suggestion. It is a shared experience all of which culminates in Twilight Zone-esque entertainment that will make you believe in the power of YOUR brain!

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From the beginning of the presentation, I smash through the imaginary fourth wall, leaping into the audience and engaging them face to face, in what will surely be an unforgettable adventure.
From our first phone call to the final curtain call, my only concern is making your event AMAZING!

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With surreptitiously engineered moments of laughter, my stage presentation exhibits otherworldly levels of devotion and dedication to my art, something only seen in those who are willing to snub their nose at having a "normal" social life. My conversational style on stage draws in every audience member, taking them on a journey, part improvisation, part planned, and always AMAZING.

The Amazing Keynote Speaker.

Don't take my word for it...

A Short Clip

Speaker Arthur Fratelli presents The Magic of the Mind in Omaha Nebraska
Audience Clapping During Arthur Fratelli Performance
Audience for Speaker Arthur Fratelli in Nebraska

Two Keynote Presentations. Both Amazing.

Finding Balance.

Keeping your "inner critic" on your side is what this presentation is all about. You will witness quite literally how each of us can "find balance" by finding focus and habit building with a purpose. This is a presentation that teaches the growth mindset!

Consider this a master class in pattern interrupts, anecdotes, and audience participation all with the intent of sending the audience home with information and abilities they can employ immediately to begin the life they would like to live.

Magic of the Mind

The magic of the mind is a SHOW not tell interactive experience that is more than just an educational presentation. This is an interactive, energetic, funny, and amazing presentation that will have your audience pumping their fist and realizing how amazing they truly are! In this energetic presentation your audience will learn about the brain's functions and how to get your brain to work for you!

Science Based Learning.

With science based techniques and citations for resources, I provide clear objectives to meet your organization’s continuing education requirements.  Examples include-

  • identify our inner critic.
  • how put our inner critic to work!
  • how to get in the MOMENTum of NOW!
  • how breathing and physiology controls psychology.
  • the sub-conscious handshake.
  • systems to reach goals.
  • the power of proper practice.
  • the value of coaching.
  • cultivating a growth mindset.

because People listen best while watching.

My presentation is done in a SHOW not tell manner. I draw on my last twenty years immersed in the world of psychology, magic, mentalism, hypnosis, martial arts, and even juggling to keep the audience interested and sending them out the door with skills they can put to use immediately!

The Amazing Hypnotist.

have Pocket watch. Will travel.

Learn all about the power of the sub-conscious by watching it in action. Have Pocket Watch. Will Travel is my hilarious comedy hypnosis show. This program gives insight into what is happening in our brains during the natural state of hypnosis and how to utilize that knowledge in career and family life. It's an eye opening experience that sheds light on how our brains work and how to get them to work for us!

The Amazing mentalist.

The Magic is in the Mind.

This is all about the psychological aspect of magic, a side of magic rarely witnessed. In this presentation I take the audience on a journey of the mind. It's all done with a layer of humor, wit, and skill that keeps the audience engaged! If you are looking for entertainment for an awards banquet, holiday party, or just have a an audience you need amazed, this is the presentation you are looking for!

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What next?

My only goal is to make your event amazing!

Send me your event details here and I will get in touch with you to go over details and options asap! 

Stage Videos.

Keynote Speaker Arthur Fratelli on stage with a volunteer in Kearney Nebraska 2022
A professional speaker and certified hypnotherapist with a background in education and an immersive education at Second City Chicago studying comedy theory, writing and improvisation. Arthur has spent years in the fields of philosophy, psychology, martial arts, hypnosis, magic, mentalism, juggling, and stage presenting. The result is a stage presentation that leaves crowds realizing how amazing each of us can be!

You can reach Arthur at arthurfratelli@gmail.com or text him at 402.597.2579